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Welcome to Charushila


What We Do

Charushila is an environmental design charity. We engage with communities, organisations and artists to transform underused public spaces into those for community benefit.

The Sanskrit word 'Charushila' is made from Charu meaning beautiful and Shila meaning foundation.

Our central philosophy is based on the concept of 'value creation' conceived by the 20th century Japanese teacher, Tsunesaburo Makiguchi. Value creation is about learning in the community, bringing beauty, good and benefit for both the individual and others. 

Using such a broad yet profound philosophy, we have been able to work

with people from diverse backgrounds, communities and countries such as Venezuela, Palestine, the UK and India.   

In the UK, Charushila has worked with Groundwork Trust, Repowering London, Arriva London, Pocket Parks (Greater London Authority), Shoreditch Trust, Counterpoint Arts, and Metropolitan Housing. In Venezuela we have worked with Universidad Central Venezuela and community groups; and in Palestine with Revivers of the Land of Palestine, AMIDEAST, UNRWA, Dalia Foundation and Birzeit University. In India, we worked with Druk White Lotus school (Ladakh) and local organisations.

Charushila is part of UN Global Compact and follows its 10 principles. 



'There is no more powerful way of transforming human society than changing how the adults of today relate to children, the adults of tomorrow'

Professor Robert Chambers, Institute of Development Studies

Contact Us

Get in touch with Charushila to discover more about our work and how to get involved. We thank you for your support.

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